Younger Onset Dementia

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 A Simplified Look Into Dementia

Dementia refers to a condition that severely affects the brain, resulting in an inability to carry out daily activities in a normal manner. An affected person may show signs of a declined ability to remember, think, reason and even communicate. They may also experience a change in their personality, mood and behavior.

Although this disease is commonly diagnosed in people who are older than 65 years of age, younger people between 30-50yrs get affected too, a condition referred to as Younger Onset Dementia (YOD). The symptoms of the condition are progressive, meaning they get worse over time. How fast this happens is however dependent on an individual's unique capabilities to cope with the symptoms.

Basically, dementia is not in itself a disease, but a broad term that refers to several conditions that affect the brain. Diagnosis is a bit difficult as people have unique experiences. It is therefore extremely important that one seeks medical care from the time they discover that their cognitive abilities are not functioning in a normal capacity. Although people in all age groups suffer the same, younger people tend to be seriously affected because most are still working and have a lot of dreams to accomplish. Denial is quite common, making it quite difficult for them to come to terms with what they are going through.

We must therefore show a lot of care and support towards these patients as their environment plays a big role in determining how they will live with dementia.

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